Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prep Work for the Challenge has Begins!

Just like the 60 other participants in this years Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, I have been focusing my hobby time on prep-work ahead of the Dec 15th start date.

First up for priming is a rather ecletic tray of 28mm stuff.  Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise are
- 13 French & Indian War Figs I'm doing for my Bloggers for Charity Contribution
- 30 Perry Dismounted Cavalry (18 Confederate and 12 Union)
- 3 Blitzkrieg Models tanks (Panzer III J, Matilda 2 and a Grant
- A Core Sec Engineering Higgins Boat
- Yet another Perry Confederate Infantry Regiment (24 figs)

My goal is 1,500 points this year.  The tray above will tally in at around 425 points (assuming his most honorable and munificent lordship Curt allows me a few extra points for the Higgins boat given its size).

One of the things I like most about the challenge is that it provides a reason to go in and mine some of the lead and plastic I've accumulated over the years in this hobby.   I'll pause here for a moment as I know it's a shocking revelation that a gamer has a stash of unpainted miniatures….

OK everyone settled down now, good, lets proceed…

The competition is a great opportunity to delve into the lead mountain to paint up stuff that's accumulated.  For me it will be 15mm Flames of War stuff as I'm starting to get back into the game thanks to a very fun outing with WWPD Luke at the Flames of War doubles tournament at Fall-In.

Enough talk, back to priming


Ian said...

Just finished prepping 12 battalions of French to go with the 6 already done and the three of Prussian, good job they are 6mm!!! About to start some 28's


Diplomatist said...

Best of luck with the challenge - I look forward to seeing your stuff.

Millsy said...

Quite an eclectic set of figs you have there, No danger of boredom setting in!

Sean said...

Nice. The chance to paint the leadpile is exactly why I joined the challenge. It certainly isn't to show off my skill.