Monday, November 11, 2013

For Sale at Fall-In and More Japanese Done!

 A very good friend of mine, Mike M, will have some painted 28mm figures for sale this year at Fall-In.  They will be on display at the Architects of War booth.  First up is a nice sized 8th Army made from 28mm Perry and Blitzkrieg Models.  I think the camp on the Matilda II is very well done.  Also for sale (in the next photo) is a 28mm Confederate infantry brigade (again Perry figures).  Mike's done some work for me in the past and he's both a top flight painter and very good person.

The last few figures of my Japanese force for the Bolt Action tournament are nearing completion.  In the back row are 5 infantry figures which ail be used to bring my Bamboo Spear unit up to the max 15 figs.  Yes, I know, that 4 of those figures have rifles, but you see they are unloaded!  The flag bearer has a bayonet attached to the end of the flag pole so that's kind of spear-like.  In the front row is a two man flame thrower team an extra rifleman and, lastly, a figure with a captured Boys ATR.

 I also completed two crewman for the 150mm cannon armed Ho-Ro assault gun.  I didn't do the good of a job on those guys so the picture has to be fuzzy.

Another picture of the Ho-Ro.  All that's left to do is the flag and rifle banners and then scenic the bases and I'm ready for Fall-In!


Sir Tobi said...

Hi Miles, I would be very much interested in these confederates as I am striving to put two armies together for Longstreet. Can you tell me how I can contact Mike and whether he'd be willing to post them to Germany? Best regards, Tobi

jmilesr said...

Sir Tobi

I spoke with Mike and he's open to sending stuff to Germany. Please send me an email to pass on to Mike

Sir Tobi said...
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