Monday, November 4, 2013

New Orleans

 I just got back from an extended weekend in New Orleans.  My wife is President of the American Womens Dental Association and they had their main meeting along with the American Dental Association in New Orleans this year so I tagged along as "arm candy".  MB and I used to live in New Orleans so we know the city well and look forward to catching up with old friends.  I will spare you the "tooth-talk" form the dental convention.  Lets just say that with 20,000 dentists and oral surgeons in town, I'm sure that the NOLA Police Department had to put on extra shifts to control the mobs.

 New Orleans does have the National WW2 museum, which is worth the trip in itself.  The museum is very well done and has lots of interesting displays.  The more interesting part is that there are literally hundreds of video and voice testimony's of the experience of veterans dying the war which makes for a very moving experience.

 On the way into the museum there are some german artillery - a 75mm infantry gun and a….

 The main part of the museum is in two parts, one focused on D-Day and the other on the Pacific.  The Pacific section is particularly well done and conveys to the public how brutal that campaign was.
 We also went to a new exhibit in New Orleans - the Audobon Insectorium!  Those of you wo know New Orleans, know the insects are a constant "friend" so NOLA is the perfect place for such a venue.  I manage to get my wife in because there's a butterfly garden at the end of the museum.

 Ahhh, the cockroach exhibits!  According to my wife I was channeling my inner 8 year old very effectively at this point

 Don't worry - you can participate via the cockroach cam!  I feel the need to share this with everyone.
The spider exhibits were a lot of fun - here's a pictured of a wolf spider.

The butterfly garden was also a lot of fun - hint wear something white as the butterflies are attracted to light / bright colors and will land on you is you stay still.  Its pretty cool to have a few dozen of them on you at a time.

Anyway we had a great time in NOLA but it did cut into my prep time for Fall-In.

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