Friday, February 28, 2014

Another All Quiet of the Martian Front Sneak Peek

 I was, yet again, a guinea pig test again for some All Quiet on the Martian Front (AQMF) models. This time it was a pair of Martian Grenadier Tripods.  The models are resin and metal casts and come in about 15 parts.  In the game, the role of the Grenadier Tripod is to provide a Martian force with a form of artillery.  I find these units fit my play style and they tend to cause the most human casualties for my Martian commands.  These Tripods are less well armed than the main Martian Assault Tripods so they are very vulnerable to human infantry if they can get close enough.

 The models went together very easily.  I did use a little green stuff on the inside of the leg junction to hold the three legs pieces in place while assembling the lower structure.  All the model parts are metal except for the "head" and "Launchers" which are resin.  The model stands about 3.5 inches tall.

 All the parts painted up well.  I base coated the models in grey auto primer (it's what I had on hand) and then painted the body with Vallejo Oily Steel.
 I'm not that happy with how I painted they eyes - who knew that Marty Feldman was a Martian? and will likely repaint them over the next few weeks.

An action shot!  A human infantry company has managed to sneak up on a pair of Martian Grenadier Tripods - good luck boys (you'll need it)....

I highly recommend these models.

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DeanM said...

Very cool walkers, Miles. I think the eyes look good - a nice contrast to the silver bodies. Possibly green pupils might look good too. Best, Dean