Saturday, February 22, 2014

Robotics Team Wins Inspire Award

The First Tech Challenge robotics team I coach (Team 3113 "Some Disassembly Required") just won the Inspire Award at the MD State Championship today.  The Inspire Award is the highest award an FTC can earn so it's a big deal.

Winning gives the team a berth in the East regional tournament and if they do well their they may get another invitation to the World Championships (like last year).

The 'bot itself isn't in the picture - it sustained a good bit a damage during the finals matches and is down for some significant rebuilds.  We do have our 3D printer (from Robo 3D) in the picture which the team uses to make specialized parts.  We got the printer as part of a payment for building a custom robot for robo 3d to use at trade shows to drive the printer around - we made enough money off the project to fund most of the team this year.

Here's a picture of the robot the team built for Robo 3D

We've got 5 weeks to get the robot back up and running before the East regionals - which are in York, PA!


Ian said...

That's fantastic, you must be very proud of the success of both your teams. Good luck in the next competition


Monty Luhmann said...

Congrats, very cool!

Paul Robinson said...

Well done to you and your team