Saturday, July 18, 2015

Historicon 2015: Day 2

On the second day of Historicon Mike and I ran our second game - a big civil war land battle twice and it seemed to go even better than yesterday's ironclad game.

The set up the batttle had a CSA armey (to the lest of the river) and a the BIF (to the right of the river) assualting an entrenched Union army.  The CSA/BIF forces fielded 24 regiments and 3 artillery batteries vs 18 regiments and 5 batteries for the Union.  The games objective was to exit two CSA/ Brit units off the road in the center of the Union Position

The game went back and forth and Mike and I were very lucky to have a great group of 8 players, most of which played in the ironclad games the night before

The CSA assault in the center strikes home

I'll post a more detailed report when I get home but CSA/BIF won in a last second move and every one seemed to have fun.  What was even more surprising is that Mike and I won a second award for best game at the con, which was most unexpected

We ran another game later that night which had Ed and Jamie from Architects of War and the guys from Trenchwork play and that was also a blast

More to come....


Peter Douglas said...

Another stunning game! Is this the terrain featured in your blog posts of late?

jmilesr said...

Yes it is!

I held up well with both the travel and two very full games.

Paul O'G said...

Awesome stuff Miles -congrats on the great success and fun you are giving others