Friday, July 17, 2015

Historicon 2015: Day1

Just a quick post about day 1 - it was a blast.  I ran the civil war ironclad game today and people liked it so much I ran it a second time in the evening with most of the same players showing up to play again.  A few quick shots of the first game which resulted in a resounding Union victory

I was very pleasantly surprised that the game earned an award for the day - it's hard for Naval games get an award because the terrain is a bit sparse.  

The second game was much more intense but also resulted in a Union victory but that was more due to the capitan of the USS Hartford -a young man named Cody who rolled dice like no tomorrow and simply evaporated ships with ease - we all had a good time!

Here's a shot of my terrain panels set up for the Friday land battle game

I'll post a more detailed report on the naval action when I return but overall I'm having a grand time


Peter Douglas said...

Well done Miles! Looks like a corker of a game.
Cheers, PD

Ray Rousell said...

Cool looking games Miles!

Martin Cooke said...

it's been great to watch this game evolve and i'm really pleased it was such a success

Michael Mills said...

Cracking stuff Miles! Looking forward to seeing loads more photos. Make sure you get some nice big ones so we can see the detail mate.

Curt C said...

Congratulations Miles! The game looks fantastic (I absolutely love playing ironclad games).