Monday, July 6, 2015

Sectional Terrain: Resin Pour Successful

 The resin pour for a "water effect" was successful - well almost successful, but I'm happy with the results and can work around the issues and that means the finish line is in sight.

The first picture shows the 2x2 foot river section.  I use a resin called "Magic Water" and it works very well.

 Now the left side of the 2x4 foot river section.
 Lastly the right side of the larger river piece.
 A close up of the ford on the 2x2 sections.  Here you can see one of the minor issues with the pour - in the lower center the resin "overflowed" it's banks.  In reality, I didn't notice that part of the ford's "ramp" was below river level and the resin will always fin low spots.  To me it creates an off -putting contrast between the sandy bottom (yellowish) and the now "underwater" banks.  My simple fix will be to cover most of the overflowed area in river plants as you can see on the sides.

 A shot of the fords on the larger board,  I think the rocks while oversized do a good job marking out the ford.  This photo also shows another issue with the pour - the the lower right you can see where the resin wicked up the ground foam so part of the ivy looks wet.  It will be a simple fix to add a bit more foliage to cover up the resin infused section.  I'm also testing covering some of the infused foliage with matt medium to see if the reduces the gloss.

 Another shot of the ford.
 Looking "down-river".  You may notice a lot of stands on the river surface - those are a result of the planting the tufts alone the river banks and are not imbedded in the resin - a few brushes with a soft cloth and they disappear.

A shot of a small crop field (it's roughly 8 x 9 inches).  There's also one with out crops you can see in one of the photos above.
 One last issue with the pour is that I didn't dam one of the ends of the 2x2 board properly and a bit of the resin leaked out and adhered the board to my gaming table top.  It took a bit of force to separate the two and I'll need to repair the table top with some wood putty when I have a moment.

A few key learnings for me with resin water effects:

(1) Make sure the area's you want resin to be located are to lowest points on the terrain piece
(2) Add vegetation along the sides AFTER the pour
(3) Triple check the dams at each end of the river to look for leaks
(4) Have lots of grass tufts in various shades and sizes on hand to cover up any mistakes!

My remaining convention to-do's now include just:

(1) Building a rolling cart to facilitate transport (I have a simple design and just need to purchase a few metal tie-on points for the cargo straps).  It should take me no more than an hour to build

(2) Edit and print out the player aides for both games.  For some reason this task always slips to the night before departure.  Players spotting typos and grammatical errors may earn a free re-roll!

The other big news is that our raspberry bushes are coming in right now and my wife is picking 1-2 buckets of raspberries a day - my wife loves berries and says this is the best season she can remember.  We had smoked pork chops with a raspberry sauce last night which was actually very good.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Miles, when you over our way again?

Cyrus said...

Excellent river and terrain Miles!

Ubique Matt said...

Great looking results.

DeanM said...

Nice terrain building, Miles. Reminds me of model railroad terrain, and should be a joy to game upon. The berries look very tasty too!

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Very nice progress, Miles.
I'm looking forward to see more.

By the way smoked pork with rasperry sauce sounds simply delicious. That make me grenn with envy... ;-)