Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Recruits for Green Squadron

 Finally a little painting work (just a little).  The guys over at WWPD have been having a re-go at X-Wing and seem to be having a great time.  I decided to join in and will be playing in their upcoming campaign game at Fall-In.  It all looks a bit silly and a whole lot of fun - usually a good combination.

 I've done some minor painting of a X and Y wing so they can fit into the eclectic paint schemes of "Green Squadron".
 Not the most elaborate of paint schemes but it gets the job done.
Here's a shot of the ships before being dabbed with some green and orange paint.

I've got to pop over to the UK again for business next week so not a lot of painting progress

Any London based gamers up for a diner Thursday night?


TamsinP said...

"Any London based gamers up for a diner Thursday night?"

Ouch! Ouch! Stop twisting my arm! ;)

I'd be up for a meal next Thursday so long as it's somewhere that won't object to my work scruffs :)

Nice repaints of Green Squadron :)

Paul O'G said...

I'm Green with Envy Miles! (Sorry , it had to be said)

The WWPD boys are clearly having a lot of fun with this.
I'll have to stop by the table and check it out

paulalba said...

Very cool, enjoy your UK trip Miles!

jmilesr said...

Your on Tamsin! I'm not that fancy either