Monday, October 5, 2015

New Tools for a New Project!

 My lovely, yet fierce, wife has some "home improvement" projects for me to do this fall which require some new tools.  First up is this sweet little baby - A DeWalt DWS780 Miter Saw.  Yes this is a tool that is just as pretty as the name implies.  She's got a 12 inch blade and can cut up the 16 inches wide.  The blade rotates for both Mitre and Bevel cuts.  Even sweeter - Amazon was running a special where the stand was free, which typically costs $200.00).   Combine that with free same day delivery and what's not to love?  Amazon is piloting same day delivery in our area!  I'm doing my best to help make the pilot a success.

There also may be a new plunge router and router table in the delivery but more on the that later.

 My first project is to build an assemble workbench that will be 35 inches wide by 72 inches long.  The table will be used to assemble some cabinetry my wife wants but it's real purpose in life will be to assist me in making sectional terrain pieces.  The new DeWalt saw made the frame pieces a snap (the legs and cross braces).  Pictured to the left are three of the legs clamped down while the glue sets.

Here's a shot of the fourth leg all clamped up and the long braces.  I'll probably assemble the frame tomorrow night and then need to get some more lumber for the work top.  The table will feature a recessed portion for the router table.  The design of the table is intended to support over 1,000 pounds so it will be a sturdy beast.

What are some of the projects that will be be built with the new stuff?  Some cabinets for the wife and a few other storage-related additions.  Gaming wise there will be some slotted trays to add to the sides of my game table, some boxes with removable lids to transport troops to tournaments and some sectional terrain storage racks.


TamsinP said...

New toys - what's not to like? :)

MSFoy said...

Any parallels here are completely unintentional - I am reminded of my old friend Bob, who was an enthusiastic amateur carpenter, and spent two years doing miracles to his home - custom wall panelling, fretwork shutters, carved bookcases, inlaid kitchen furniture. Sadly he found after these two years of devoted labour that his wife had gone off with someone else - he was upset about that, but not nearly as much as he was by having to sell his house!

On reflection, that was not a tasteful choice of tale, but it is true!

Please remember to show us what you achieve with the new tools :-)

Regards - Tony

Peter Douglas said...


Oooh lovely stuff. I have a mitre saw but nothing like your little darling! I was mentally adding Tim "the Toolman" grunts to your post. Enjoy!

FYI TCM played "Key Largo" last night which made me think of your sea side (island?) lair. I hope your made it through without damage or mobsters!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to draw up a game table :)

Paul O'G said...

1:1 scale modelling and painting is absolutely my least favourite scale but if you get need goodies out of it then its not all bad :-)

Ray Rousell said...

Everyone likes a new toy!! My mrs was shocked when I asked for a screwdriver set for Fathers Day, needless to say I didn't get it!

Michael Mills said...

Nice kit! I can;t even see my stuff it's so far at the back of the pile in the garage...

jmilesr said...

A cornucopia of responses

Ms Tamsin - new toys are ALWAYS GOOD!

Mr Foy - I shall keep a sharp eye on my wife but my greatest fear is that one day she will realize she can do much better than the likes of me

Mr Douglass - if I had a young Lauren Bacall in the workshop, I doubt there'd be a lot of progress.

Mr MacL - we need to have a primer course on wood selection, don't we?

Admiral Paul (Yes I have promoted you, the paperwork should come through any day) I find 1:1 scale modeling a lot of fun and stress relieving as my wife isn't yelling at me about painting you soldiers

Mr Ray - are you sure she heard your request properly?

Mr Mills - My garage is a disaster too, one of the reason for building better storage

Doc Smith said...

An awesome bit of kit there Miles - I'm expecting you to knock up an equally awesome gaming table with that bad boy! As for my own garage - well I'd rather not talk about it lest I start sobbing again. I'm sure She Who Must Be Obeyed appreciates your sublime carpentry skills - I'm sure if you make her what she's been wanting she'll let you get away with the game table you've always wanted and not a harsh word about 'painting soldiers' again! (I should be so lucky!)

Paul O'G said...

A good point Mile sea thanks for the Promotion - we'll have a celebratory glass of claret at Fall-In! to celebrate :-)