Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AHPC VI: First 3 Submissions

 An eclectic trio of initial submissions for this years challenge.  First up a Finnish BT-42 with  incorrect Soviet markings - think of it as a recaptured tank.  The model is 28mm scale and from those excellent chaps at Trenchworx.

 Next up 3 British Siege Mortars from Front Rank (28MM).  You'll be seeing a lot of Front Rank stuff this challenge.  I've got a 32 figure unit of 28mm scaled Portuguese Cacadores from Front Rank on the painting table now.
Lastly, a 28mm scaled US gunboat from Laser Dream Works.  There be a more detailed post on this one in a few days


Paul O'G said...

Nicely done Miles! I have yet to crack a brush out of course but work has commenced on the HMS Agamemnon!

Andrew Burgoyne said...

Nice work! I'm interested to see your progress on the gunboat. I've been eyeing some of their ships myself.

Dannoc said...

Great job - especially on the bt-42. good colour.

DeanM said...

Great looking tank, Miles. Although it surely seems to have a tall profile making it quite a target. Nice ship WIP too. Merry Christmas!