Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Loot & Workbench Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!..  Gamers with Christmas loot aren't any different from 1st graders at show and tell - we do love to talk about out toys!

For Christmas my son got me me some Armada Wave 2 stuff and my secret Santa really hit the mark with some great AWI miniatures from Fife and Drum!

Both presents are deeply appreciated.

I just finished a Portuguese Cacadore regiment and some Napoleonic naval (all in 28mm) which will hopefully soon be posted on the AHPC site. Up next on the work bench are some 28mm Perry Native Americans.  I'm about 3 hours into these guys and experimenting with different skin tones and war paint designs.


Martin Cooke said...

I have the Perry Native Americans and they are great figs

TamsinP said...

Nice lootz and the natives are looking restless :)

Paul O'G said...

Nice haul there buddy - Feliz Navidad!

Ian said...

A very nice collection of wargames stuff


DeanM said...

Great looking booty, Miles. Your variety of interests continues to impress!

Rod Schwager said...

I really like your War of 1812 gunboats, well done.

Are they from the Old Glory shipyard?