Monday, December 14, 2015

Yet More Prepping for AHPV VI

 A large number of 28mm figures and vehicles were being prepped Sunday.  I managed the clean up and base 133 28mm figures, three siege mortars, an Elephant and 6 tanks).  I'll primed them sometime this week.

 First up some Perry AWI Indians (who will also see additional duty as War of 1812 and FIW Indians also).  The armored Elephant in the back is from Sgt Major Miniatures.

 The bulk of my prep work was on some 28mm Front Rank figures.  From back to front a 36 figures British infantry battalion, 2 32 figure Portuguese infantry battalions (one line and one Cacadores) and three siege mortars.

I found cleaning these figures to be incredible easy - this will be my first attempt at painting Front Rank figures.  I doubt they'll look as good as the French I picked up from John but I'll give it a try.

Lastly 6 tanks from the Trenchworx tanks in Manchuria kickstarter.  These are resin casts made fro 3D printed masters and they are simply superb models.  Since taking the photo, I've added a second early war T-34.

Next up will be the FOW boxes you can see in the last picture.  What's up with the corn fields?  That's my next terrain project....


Jay White said...

Dang ... lots of progress there. It seems our life of assembly will never be complete :-)

alex sengir said...

impressive preparations

Michael Mills said...

I love Front Rank stuff. Always clean, well cast sculpts. So much better to prep than Perry which always take and age no matter what minis.