Wednesday, November 18, 2015

French Reinforcements Arrive!

 When opportunity knocks, it's best to open the door!  John over of Wargaming in 28mm fame, has decided to parts ways with his French 28mm Napoleonics and has been selling bits and pieces off to finance a big move into 18mm Napoleonics.

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse on his Front Rank French collection and they have just arrived.  Please forgive the awful pictures as they just don't do his superb painting skills any justice.  I also need to reattach the unit flags and such but these are fantastic figures.
 4 units of French calvary, including Lancers! (The Lances need to be re-attached)
 7 battalions of infantry and 4 gun batteries plus 2 limber teams.

Some officers to command this rambunctious group of Frenchmen.

All of the figures are from Front Rank. It's my first real experience with Front Rank figures and I must say I am impressed.  Maybe I need to relax my Perry snobbery a bit.

I tend to run bigger battalions and so will be getting some front rank figures to "flesh out the ranks"

Thanks John, these troops are a welcome addition to my humble collection.


Paul O'G said...

Wonderful pickup indeed!
Looking forward to seeing you enjoying them in action!

Jason Meyers said...

Exciting stuff! Congrats on your new army. No need to give up being a Perry Bros. snob to enjoy other figs. Just remember who's best. :-)