Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tournament Transport Boxes, Part IV: The Interior

 A little bit of work on the 18x18 square box.  I added a compartment for to hold dice, measuring tapes and templates.   It measure 8x7inches so is more than big enough to hold a 6 inch square FOW artillery template.

 I also made some wooden troop carrier trays that are all two inches high which will accommodate most 28's and 15's with the exception of some long lances on some 15MM By Fire and Sword mini's but I'll figure out how to accommodate those later.

Some of you might be wondering why make custom wooden trays when you've got some plastic ones already.  It's because I was off an 1/8 of inch and the interior was too narrow to use then without forcing the fit.  Argh!!!!!!

What was that saying "measure once, go to Home Depot twice and curse three times"?

A shot of the trays all nestled in the box.  Theres still one inch of clearance on the top and the gap will fit a FOW hardcover book.

Still waiting on the handles to arrive and then it's time to finish this project.  Which is good because the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is less than a month away!!!!


Paul O'G said...

VERY nice Miles! They have come out very nicely indeed
I'll take two please and I need them delivered in a fortnight to make the trip to Oz.
Cheers :-)

Michael Mills said...

More and more impressive with every installment sir. I'm disappointed we've not seen any of the spreadsheets you must have put together in the planning stage...

Sean said...

The box is turning out quite nice. One of these days, when I clear out the garage, I'll get back to pursuing an interest in wood working.