Thursday, November 5, 2015

Secret Santa Wish List

It's been suggested that participants in this years secret santa gift exchange list a few things on their blogs as suggestions.

I'm always a bit uncomfortable with the whole "asking" thing but will try to comply.

My new project for this year is the American War of Independence and so I'd like to suggest to whoever was assigned me that anything AWI related in 28mm will be greatly appreciated.

Plastic, resin, metal - any material will do.  If I was to specific a manufacturer, I'd lean to either the Perry Brothers or Fife and Drum, but will gratefully accept any other manufacturers product.

I will promise that whatever I receive will be painted as part of this years Analogue Hobbies painting competition!


Ray Rousell said...

Sounds like a plan, looking forward to see this project come alive Miles.

Clint said...

If I was your SS (and I am not!) I know exactly what I would get you.... 28mm terrain. Because the Analogue painting challenge gives zero points for terrain. Yes that is my evil git thought process.

28mm AWI sounds good though and I hope you get what you want.