Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tournament Transport Box Part 2: Getting the Cuts Right

I re-jigged the jig to try and make it work a bit better and as you can see the 18 inch square box came out very nicely.

 The first test (pictured) had some some tear out issues and the fingers were not fitting together perfectly.  Stuff likes this drives me a bit crazy.  I suspect there's a not to complementary psychological term for that but lets not get off track....

At first I thought it was the router bit (yep I went first to blaming the tool rather than the tool user).  It wasn't the bit.  I finally figured out that I wasn't clamping my pieces sufficiently and the turning of the router bit was pulling the wood to the right  causing a drift in the cuts and the unsightly tear out.

I made another part for the jig which holds the pieces vertically so theres no wiggle.  It can be used for either type of cut (one were there's a tooth first or the other were theres a gap).

I just clamp this guy into place and everything stays nice and square.

The next step will be to cut a rabbet for the bottom (1/4 inch plywood) and do the frame for the top.  Still trying to figure out how to attach the top...


alex sengir said...

Nice work. forward to continuing

Paul O'G said...

You are indeed a clever chap aren't you Miles!

Every Man Cave is vastly improved by a canine companion. This was my dog who was my constant companion in the Cave no matter what the project or the weather conditions

So exploit Otis to the maximum extent possible and good luck!!!