Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall In 2015 Con Report, Part 2: X-Wing, A Whole Lot of X-Wing

 Steve and the WWPD crew ran a lot of X-Wing games at Fall-In based on the user created campaign "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster". "HAC" which is a co-operative style game where the players are all on the rebel side and the Empire is controlled by a set of very clever rules that have some randomness (a D6 roll) which makes them hard to predict.

To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of X-Wing but this campaign was a pure joy to play and I think I played in 7-8 games over the course of 2 days.  A player's pilot progresses in skill level over the course of the campaign by earning experience points for various actions.  My pilot, who was given the call sign "Dozer" for my less than graceful flying style got to level 5 by the end of the weekend. It reminded me of my first game with character development and how much fun it was to plot the skill progression.

The first picture shows the hand of Dano pointing out where we should go in his typical understated way.  Dan is a blast to play with but I've yet to face him as an opponent in any game - maybe one day in the future if Bolt Action ever gets fixed.

 To be honest, I can't remember all the games but this one required us to search the ion filed to find some data.  We barely won.

 One of my favorite games was a trap scenario where the rebels were luring the Empire is with a decoy shuttle (the one to the right).  In this game I stayed in formation with Steve's friend Sean (we're in the upper left of the photo) and we cleaned up.  I managed to bring down the Empire's shuttle.

 The afore mentioned Sean reading out the mission briefing before the start of the game.  You can see Steve in rapt attention while looking at his phone
 Oops - an urgent communication for HQ
 Another game with Paul's son Reilly, who was quickly given the call sign "Magnet" due to his unerring ability to draw fire from our Empire foes.
 Steve and Sean should be getting commission s from Fantasy flight games as more than a few X-Wing are likely to be purchased as a result of the fun.  Here we see Paul and his son adding up the tally for they "need" to get.
 Uh-oh - I'm getting a dirty look from Paul after the final figures have been tallied - looks like the Australian navy may need to sell off a ship or two.......
 More fun

The final game I played in (which ended at 2:20am Saturday night) was a rebel assault on a star base and it was epic.

I did learn never ever to believe Steven when he says "don't worry, this will be a quick game"

I had a great time playing the game and really appreciate Steve, Sean and the rest of the WWPD crew for the efforts they put in to run both this game and all the other ones at the convention.  Well done guys.


Francis Lee said...

A good time was had it seems, I did enjoy playing X-wing back in England with a mate!

Ken Reilly said...

Lovely, I have been running a similar campaign with friends for just over a year now and it's definitely my favourite method of play for the X Wing game.

Paul O'G said...

The guys were wonderfully welcoming and ran a highly engaging and FUN set of games. Reilly was thrilled to be included and spent quite a bit more than the available funding in the vendor hall. Then spent more the next day. I believe he is currently upstairs scouring the internet for X-Wing bargains as I type this too. To say that he has the bug would be cute an understatement!

I noticed that in your humility you forgot to mention that you gave up your own seat at the table more than once for others to play. Thank you my friend, both he and I really appreciate it!

Ray Rousell said...

I want to try X-Wing, one day??

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Thanks for the pictures and kind words!