Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Goals

Well it's time to layout some goals for 2017 - sadly, I actually put some thought into these.  2017 is shaping up to be an eventful year - I'm turning the double nickel (55 years old!), my son graduates from Carnegie Mellon and my gaming hobby continues to provide a great deal of engagement for me.  Work the side will be busy with at least 6 trips to the UK during 2017 and several to South America.

I like to use the goals to stretch myself hobby wise, so fully expect to miss some, but hopefully not all of them!

So here's the list

(1) St Michaels Con
- Host 2 Events (Spring / Fall)
- Ensure better accommodations for participants
- Increase the size a bit
- See if I can finagle some form of sponsorship
- Develop a longer term plan

(2) Historicon
- Put on 6 iterations of my game (2 each, see below)
- Reserve the equivalent of one day for my gaming
- This year's games have a silly themes
      Muskets & Magic    
      DAK and Dragons
      SOCOM and Sorcery
- They're really the same game just with different types of units for the players.  All will involve various factions investigating a recently discovered ancient ruin which will have an Egyptian theme
- Go all out on the terrain

(3) Other Gaming Conventions
- In addition to HCON attend and least 3 other cons, with one in the UK (need to plan my trips better)

(4) Get an Article Published
- This one smells of hubris but, heck, I'm an egotistical jackass.  I'd like to write an article about either terrain making or putting on a convention game.  Somewhere there has to be a war games magazine editor with low enough standards to accept my rambling prose

(5) Participate in 4 tournaments
- I really like tournaments and want to get back into the swing - the upcoming release of version 4 for Flames of War will provide that opportunity
- Maybe one can be a Team Yankee event

(6) Scenery: Geomorphic Dungeon Terrain
- My plans for the Historicon game will involve a multi level table with a dungeon complex making up the lower level - how will this be accomplished?  Not sure, was kind of hoping you would tell me...

(7) Finish in the Top Ten of this year's Painting Challenge
I'm not sure I can post another 3K points tally but we'll see.,.,..

So there you have it, lets see what happens


Lasgunpacker said...

Sounds like a great list! I have some serious envy over your ability to get things done.

As for the multi level dungeon, it seems like the major issue is with having the dungeon actually under the other playing surfaces. If you make it multilevel, but only one level for each given area, you might be able to get around that.

Michael Mills said...

"I'm an egotistical jackass."
Sounds like you have all the tools to get yourself a job at a "large" games vendor we cannot name for legal reasons :-)

Jay White said...

Lol!!! Good luck sir! I'm sure you can get an article published :-) FYI, they generally want a minimum of 2000-2500 words. :-)

legatus hedlius said...

I almost totally failed on my targets for 2016 but it won't stop me doing more for 2017.

Dick Bryant said...

Try for publishing an article.
Dick Bryant