Sunday, January 15, 2017

Orc Blood Bowl Team

 Meet the Black Hills Titans, my Orc Blood Bowl team.  The team colors are loosely based on the Tennessee Titans of the NFL.  I don't really follow the Titans, but thought the uniforms and back hills of Tennessee are sufficiently "Orky".  These are the 12 plastic figures you get in the box set (along with a human team).

These are part of a giant post from the Challenge which I'll break up here for ease.
 Two Black Orcs
 Two Throwers
 Two Blitzers - I still need to work on the plume - the bright yellow makes them easy to ID but I want to add some orange to make them look like flames.
and six line men.  All of the numbering and base labels are drawn by hand - I like the slashes for numbers rather than arabic numerals and the labels came out very "Orky".

The Orcs are 3-3 vs their human openers from the Holiday season.


Ray Rousell said...

A very colourful collection Miles!

Michael Mills said...

Fearsome stuff! I love my orc team. Hopefully yours perform as well mate.