Thursday, January 12, 2017

AHPC VII: Submission 4 - US Rangers, Somali Pirates and some Frostgrave Soldiers

 The bulk of this submission week the mini's I got from the Radio Dishdash Kickstarter on the Blackhawk Down incident in Somalia.  The figures are very well done and depict but a bit on the delicate side.
 First up 16 US rangers with light weapons - great poses, easy to assemble and fun to paint.
 Closer shot of the back two rows and..
 Then the front two.  These are the first moderns I've painted and I went with a somewhat abstracted desert cammo uniform.

 Next up are 12 Somalis who I'll be using as pirates.  I really like these figures and wish I had purchased more.  They don't seem to be on sale any more on the Radio dish dash web site.
 These figures are meant to be used with the Skirmish Sangin ruleset which I have but haven't played.  The rules look very promising and I need to give them go.

A bit of a random inclusion in this post - I found an unbuilt sprue of the plastic frostgrave "soldiers" from Northstar Miniatures and decided to get them done - easy to build and paint up.


Stuart S said...

Loving the priates.
Good to see the challange going so well this year.

Paul O'G said...

Those pirates look just like the 1:1 scale version I am more familiar with :-)