Friday, February 24, 2017

AHPC VII: Week 9: Sprint to the finish

Forward momentum has returned to my AHPC VII performance with a total of 476 points submitted during week 9.  My current total now stands at 2,571 points placing me firmly in third place but within striking distance of the lead

I'm not sure I can catch either DaveD or martinC but we shall see.

I'm setting a personal goal of getting back to last years total of 3.3K points.  The weather, however, isn't cooperating as it's been spectacular here on the Chesapeake - 70 degrees in February with strong and steady winds.  I'm getting the urge to put Bucentuare back in the water and go sailing which would be a major reduction in painting time but good gosh the weather has been nice.  I have been painting outside so perhaps that will hold off my more nautical desires for a few more weeks.

So far I've made 32 separate submissions but have not done any naval miniatures - that will need to be rectified and soon.  I may have visited the War Times Journal site in the past few days......

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Paul O'G said...

Most impressive Sir, I applaud your ongoing efforts.
Resisting the call off the sea can indeed be difficult.