Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blood Bowl Travel Case

 For the "Home" themed terrain bonus round in this year's Challenge, I decided to make a combination carry case and player board for Blood Bowl.  I'll do a "how it was made post" in a few days.

The board is 12 x 15 inches  in foot print.  The op is dived into two sections a "dugout" for keeping track of player status and 4 game status trackers - Score, 1H turns, 2H turns and re-rolls.

I'll replace the pastel colors for the numbers when I get some better printer cartridges.
 The game status trackers pops off to reveal the storage for a full Blood Bowl Team plus its related cards and dice.  I've ordered some no slip material to line the player slots.

 Some close up of the dugout - first the space to hold reserve players complete with state of the art chalk board to study crafty plays.

Next is the Injured player area - these figures have a chance to return to the action and will likely do so given the wonderful medical equipment at their disposal.
 and, lastly the space for player who are out for the game or have been killed.  Why on earth is there a creepy hot dog making machine in this room?

 Oh, I see - waster not, want nor....
 A shot of the dugout from the other side - those benches look mighty comfy

 Some pictures with players to give a bit of scale

Well there you have it.  It went with a neutral theme for the dugout so it can be used for various teams.


Paul Robinson said...

Love it!

Dartfrog said...

Awesome game aid, with some definite character. Very cool

DAVE D said...

nicely imaginative Miles!

Monty said...

Brilliant work! Never played Blood Bowl with minis, but have just bought the PS4 (Iknow) version for under a tenner, I which is a good laugh ūüėÄ