Monday, February 20, 2017

Building the Blood Bowl Travel Box/Dugout

 The overall dimensions are 15 inches by 12 inches and 2 inches in height.  All the wood was recycled from old projects.

Clamps are your friend while working with wood.

 Cutting the "stone blocks for the dugout - they're brought .75 inches square on the ends and 1.5 inches long.

I love my Proxxon hate wire cutter!

 Test fit with minis and game materials

 The lattice for the turn counters and scoring was a bit of a pain to make
I'm not happy with the colors and will redo them
 Tet fitting the blocks without glue

All glued down and ground material applied

 First coat of grey paint.  I used three coats of a water down cheap craft acrylic paint and then dry brushed white.
Some of the interior details.  The chalkboard was a lot of fun

 and the finished product!

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