Wednesday, March 1, 2017

AHPC VII: FOW Pacific Submission

Whew - I'm finally caught up with all my submission (to date) in the Challenge.  This submission was fairly large (458 points) and was made up of FOW Pacific units.
 First  is a Japanese infantry platoon with 54 figures.  I really like playing the Japanese - they likely not win any tournaments but you're in every game until the end
 A second infantry platoon.

 A machine gun platoon and AT section.
Some Type-95 Ha-go tanks
 A finally their command stands
 Next up are some US marines - a basic infantry platoon with LVTP transport
 A Marine Engineer Assault section.  It's small but packs a bunch with 3x Pioneer stands, 3x bazooka's and 3x flame throwers.
And, finally some Amphibious tanks.  I've got some more Japanese and Marine units to finish up for next week.

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