Friday, March 24, 2017

Challenge VII: The Last Day's posts

 I submitted the following on the last day of the Challenge - a Winter themed late war German army and some odds-n-ends at the bottom of what remaining of my leadpile.
 The Winter germans are are Warlord figures including the Stug (one of the Italiarie plastic kits)

 The metal figures were superb and a lot of fun to paint

 The plastic Stug really wasn't a fun kit to build but still painted up well
 I went with the 105mm variety

 A shot with the JagdTiger
 A group of 12 plastic US Marines from Warlord and their ride a LVTP.  I've now done WW@ marines and LVTP's in two scales this challenge (12 and 28)

 A pair of WW1 vehicles from Trenchworx

 Ans 2 dinosaurs - a baby T-Rax and a Utah-Raptor
What Challenge is complete without Dinosaurs?

1 comment:

TamsinP said...

Indeed, no Challenge is complete without the following:

1) Dinosaurs
2) Camels
3) Taking the mickey out of Millsy
4) Taking the mickey out of Ray

Between you, me and Dave we managed to cover all 4 quite handsomely :)