Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AHPC VII: Week 11

Through 11 weeks of this year's Challenge, I've managed to post 3,338 points (purple bar) which is just slightly ahead of last years total of 3,306 (green line) and there are two weeks left to go.

My totals are a little higher than the official score as it includes 125 points from the recently submitted bonus round, which have yet to be entered.

What am going to paint in the final two weeks.  On the workbench is a 40 figure War of 1812 US infantry regiment (figures from Brigade games).  After that it really depend on the postman/UPS as I've ordered a few odds and ends and if they show up they get painted.  There's a spirited 3-way competition for first place but I think I'll fall just a little short this year as I've run out of figures I really want to paint.

I'll end up with 3,500 points which is a respectable showing.


Paul O'G said...

A personal best is an awesome thing! Great job mate - inspiring numbers

DAVE D said...

A visual stats .. we like it!

Looking forward to,seeing the run in