Sunday, March 26, 2017

Challenge VII: Total Output

 Here's what I painted over the past 3 months as part of this year's Challenge.  To be honest, the amount surprised me but at least I'm ready for Historicon.  As previously reported my final score was 4,125 points - not bad as it managed to grab 1st place again this year.

 This photo features the "non-WW2 Historicals" a unit of US War of 1812 infantry and all 8 modern factions I'll need for Historicon.
 The middle of the table features the frostgrave and related dungeon baddies.  I think I need a few more Egyptian  themed monsters for the summer con games.

The "WW2 Historicals" area - I'm really proud of the LRDG vehicles.
 And in the back are the 15mm stuff that was painted (Team Yankee and FOW pacific) plus two blood bowl teams and a blood bowl dugout.
For some reason Curt wanted pictures of everyone with their painted hordes.  He is my first time ever selfie - ugghhh.
This post would be incomplete without a salute to the 1 Davinci and 3 Winsor Series 7 brushes that served me well through the Challenge.  They've deserved a rest.

Lets go make some terrain.


Steve Williams said...

That's quite an achievement - did you sleep at all?

Ivor Evans said...

That is nothing short of amazing! I can't even wrap my head around how much you painted in such a short period of time. I tell you what, I'd hate for you not to win three years in a row so, I'm going to send you all MY stuff that still needs painted, save it for the challenge, blast right through it and then you can have that distinction of being the only three time winner :)

legatus hedlius said...

That's about fifteen years worth for me. I wouldn't mind if they were rushed looking and scuzzy but they aren't! Grr!

Lasgunpacker said...

That is a tremendous output, probably surpassing everything I have ever painted.

So, it is a great thing that you won, because otherwise it would mean that there was someone out there painting even more...