Thursday, July 6, 2017

Comment Moderation Turned on

It seems I need to turn comment moderation back on given some activity from spammers posting comments with links to various online casinos.  I'm sure it's all very legit - just like any day now that Nigerian Oil Minister is going to come through with my money.

I apologize for any inconvienances

Please do not click on online casino links.  I don't get a cut of the cash they'll steal from you and I don't think thats fair


Ivor Evans said...

Interesting, I've had a few email notifications of comments from what looked like spammers too, but when I would actually check the blog no comments were there.

Terry Silverthorn said...

I've been getting some of these as well. The fella even went to far as to making a comment of "Great seeing you again". I will at least give him credit for making comments on some of the other pages that at least were relevant. I may need to take the path you've taken if I continue to see them. It would be better if I could just block said blogger from my blog.

DeanM said...

No worries, Miles - understand completely. Sincerely, The Nigerian Oil Minister :)