Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Mummy King and Friends

 The final figures for the Historical game are now painted - may I present to you the Mummy King and his retinue of mummy soldiers.  These are all metal casts from Reaper and are really very nicely sculpted figures.
 These will be used in a Boss level stye encounter for the end of the game - note to players don't try to take on the Mummy King without the help of another player or two.  Trust me on this one.

My departure for Historical is now 7 days away and I don't have a lot of prep time available given business and other commitments, so game prep is pretty much done.  Here's hoping we put on a good show.


Steve Williams said...

Superb work! I look forward to seeing shots of the game being played.

Millsy said...

Very cool! Looking forward to some shots of them in action following the show...