Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Historicon Packing List

Well, I've run out of time to get ready for Historicon as I leave for the event tomorrow.  Pictured is the pack up from last year.

I've learned the hard way to leave the the travel day (wed) completely dedicated to packing up and making sure I've got everything.  I't also good to have a packing list so hear goes:

- 3 6ftx4ft terrain cloths from Cigar Box Miniatures
- 6 2' Mountain sections
- 4 desert oasis
- 6 dunes (these will go under the terrain cloths
- 10 Arab themed MDF buildings (these are the really nice pre-painted ones from Crescent Root
- 6 Egyptian runes (mostly aquarium terrain but it looks pretty darn good)
6 2ftx2ft catacomb panels - these are heavy and weigh 15-20 pounds each

DAK and Dragons
- DAK Panzer Grenadiers
- German Assault Engineers*
- Fallschirmjaeger
- 8th Army
- French Foreign Legion
- US Marines

* funny thing about the inclusion of the combat engineers - I discovered at the last minute I didn't have enough 28mm DAK troops painted to field to full factions so some assault engineers have been included

SOCOM and Sorcery
- US Rangers
- US Marines
- British
- Aussies
- Taliban
- Insurgents
- Soviets
- Somali Pirates

"Bad Guys" for both games
- Berber Tribesmen
- Gnolls
- Cultists
- Skeletons
- Giant Scorpions
- Demons
- Giant
- Golem
- Armored Trolls
- Centaurs and an Armored Rhino
- Ammat Devourers (croc-Men)
- Mummies
- MummyKing and Servants
- Red Dragon (OK he really doesn't fit the theme but what the hell)
- Nasty surprises

Game Playing Supplies
- Dice and lots of them
- Tape measures
- 8 wooden troop trays
- Faction organization Sheets
- Player tracking tokens
- 1 page rules (game can't have more than one page of rules 'cause I can't remember any more)
- Troop stats summaries
- Game Signage
- Blast and cone templates
- 2 nice directors chairs for Mike and I - the convention chairs are OK but not good for multiple days
- Tools / etc
  - - Drill with 1/8 drill bit, screw bit and Philips head screws
  - - Shims (to level the table
  - - Mobile model kit (some paints, glue brushes for field repairs)
  - - Duct tape 'cause somebody always needs it
  - -  Rolling cart
  - - tie down straps

In the past I've packed up my troops in plastic boxes (Really Useful Boxes brand) without any packaging (foam).  It worked ok but the figures do get a little jostled around in transport.  I'm trying something new this year - I bought a bunch of 2inch high cardboard pizza boxes and will fit each with egg crate foam to better protect the troops.  We'll see if this works better.

I am nervous about using terrain cloths vs the nice sectional terrain but I just didn't have time to build a bunch of desert sections and transporting them is a pain.  Last year the section took up a little more than 20 cubic feet of storage space in my car.  The terrain cloths take up less than one all folded up so that's a lot of extra packing space!


Peter Douglas said...

Wow, looks uber organized Miles. Good luck getting it all in the vehicle.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

This sounds like a plan! Hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy the games you are running.

Steven Williams said...

Superb organisation - I really want to see pics of the SOCOM and sorcery game!

David Sullivan said...

Gloriosky! I don't have that much stuff in my garage. Kudos that you can fit it all in your car. (I have a 350z, so I'm very limited in what I can schlepp to a convention.)