Tuesday, July 9, 2019


 Yikes - Less than two days until HCON!  Now it's it's just down to packing up and getting all the player aids done

The first picture is the initial British order of battle 8 total divisions and associated support units.

Initial? you ask - yes both sides may or may not have unexpected reinfoircements.  Its really all up to the dice gods.....

Ahh - the real glamour behind putting on a convention game.  Laminating player aids!  As we all know, only the finest games use laminated materials.  I'm pretty much just a poser and hoping the lamination hides the rather poor aspects of my game design.  Its worked in the past!

These are the ship management card for my new Age of Sail ruleset.  The working title is Bucentaure!

We'll see if these ever see the light of day post HCON

Time until Historicon:
2 Days: 9 Hours: 8 minutes



TamsinP said...

Unexpected reinforcements? Hawker Harriers for the Brits and Mirages for the Frenchies?

Have a great time at Historicon :)

Miles said...

Ssshhh!!! - don't give away the surprise

Peter Douglas said...

Laminating play sheets, that's getting pretty damn professional or maybe overly just anal. Good luck with Historicon. May the dice be in your favour and the trolls roam elsewhere.

I'll be interested in the Bucentaure rules - did you get her bilge pump fixed.

jmilesr said...

The bilge pump is fixed and the boat is in da water


BigLee said...

That's a LOT of figures!