Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tree stands used at Historicon: PVC Foam Board

During Historicon I received a lot of very nice compliments about the trees stands on the table and questions about how I made them.  Three people asked if I would make some on commission basis.  Since they’re REALLY easy to make, I can’t accept anyone’s money but I can point you to my how-to blog posts below.  I also had a bit of a brain misfire when people asked me the material used for the bases.  The correct answer is Expanded PVC foam board.  I have a range of answers at the con.  All of them wrong.  The specific brand I used was Palight.

As for the how-to links, here they are:

Base Construction


OK, at least that incident of mis-information and fake news has been corrected.  I am sure there are others lurking......

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Curt said...

I agree, they are lovely tree bases. I'm honoured to say that mine are authentic Reidy Originals.