Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Stalingrad Project: The Soviet State Bank Building


Here is my rendition of the Soviet State Bank building.  All I had to go with are some aerial shorts which confirmed the generale "U" shape but I couldn't find any images of the front or back facades.  Yes my Google-Foo is that weak.  I am highly confident my mistakes will be eagerly pointed out to me by future convention goers in blunt and likely conflicting ways.

It still needs some battle damage and signage but I'm calling this one done.

I did the layout of the building in Inkscape and the had my newest most favoritest tool in the world - the Cricut Maker - cut out all the parts from 2mm thick chipboard.  This time almost everything fit perfectly.  

Almost is close enough for me.

I'm going to switch over to scenicing and painting the terrain I've built so I can stage a few test games up at the club.  I'm about 50% done with building construction and really do need to save something for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

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Bluewillow said...

Excellent stuff, quite a collection of big buildings you have.