Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flames of War: Monte Cassino Terrain Section

I'm hosting a game of Flames of War in two weeks and I'd thought it would be fun to create a 2' x 4' Terrain module that is loosely themed on the abbey at Monte Cassino.  "Loosely" is an appropriate term, but it should pose a good challenge to any attacking force.  This project was started on a whim so it isn't very well planned out.  I'm limiting it to only using materials that I have on hand.  The bridge was scratch built using Plastruct and Evergreen styrene plastic parts.  I'm a little worried the bridge will become to much of a focal point so we'll see how the first few games go.

There's a bit more plaster work to do but I want to use a light hand in order to keep the weight down.  The plaster is a combination of sculptamold (road) and plaster cloth (everything else).

I also ordered the new 15mm church kit from Gamecraft Miniatures to serve as the abbey.  The kit looks pretty impressive and has a 4.5" x 9" footprint, which should fit fine within the module.

We'll see if this project gets completed in time...

After another month or so of WWII gaming it will be time go back to the real show - Napoleonics!


DeanM said...

That's looking really good. I applaud your creativity, skill, and bravery - you make two weeks sound like a long time :)! I'm sure you'll have it done in time, and it'll look impressive too. Regards, Dean

jmilesr said...

Dean- thanks for the kind words but in reality I'm a poor planner and not all that bright - we'll see if it gets done by the 7th. I have found that most hobby projects benefit from a "real" external deadline. I try not to set these types of goals too often as this is a hobby not a job. It's worked in the past so hopefully...

JAM said...

I will look forward to watching this terrain project, I suspect it will come out very well.


Docsmith said...

If its anything like your last effort Miles it'll look terrific.

Planning? What planning... we don't need no stinkin' plannin'!

Just diving in can be a lot of fun - sometimes the most enjoyable part is the journey getting there!

Look forward to seeing your 'Monte Cassino'.


Anonymous said...

wow inspirational i love the terrain. by the way what foam do you use? I would love to get hold of some that foam to create my terrain for my WW2 early brits in somalia and ethopia etc. Does anyone know if you can get this foam in the UK?

jmilesr said...

It's just standard pink insulation foam sold under the Owning's-Corning Brand. There's a blue version that works just as good.

The foam is sold in 8' x 2' sections and is very easy to work with - just remember to do any hot wire cutting outside!