Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game Room Plans

I was both surprised and very thankful for the level of response my last post got on ideas for my game room.  Thanks for the great suggestions.

After some thought, I've come up with the plan that's shown to the left.  The overall space is 20' x 11', which is plenty big but it does have 4 sets of double doors (each 5' wide), that need to be taken into account.  The doors on the bottom provide access to our utilities (electric, FIOS and water).  The doors at the top lead to a 4.5' x 20' storage closet.  The space plan needs to provide clear access to each area.  While this limits the useable space, it should not pose a material problem.

My wife, who generously granted my title to the space added a last minute requirement.  That the space "can't look too gamey'.  Upon further questioning, gamey is defined as there can't be any messy work stations or piles of stuff hanging around  on the table.  In other words it had to look both clean and organized.  Given my past behavior this new requirement might be a deal killer.

What I came up with is to build a 2x4 rolling work bench that's the same height as the table.  The 2x4 space is more than large enough for miniature modeling and I can add a fold out leaf along the back to extend the total potential gaming surface another 4'x4'.  Putting the whole thing on lockable rolling casters will allow me to hide it in the storage closet.  If my wife doesn't see the messy workbench then it doesn't really exist does it?  Since the workbench is all right angles, it shouldn't tax my carpentry skills much.  I've also got a good bit of surplus wood and 3 feet of piano hinge so most of the components are on hand.  You can see the planned location above (in good viewing range of the TV!)

As for display cases, I'll get something simple from Ikea or pick up some O-Scale or G-Scale model railway display cases from Greenway.  I like the look of the model rail road cases and the lighting is nice.  The O-Scale cases are 4 - 6 inches deep, which should work fine.

The space will also have a simple seating area with a table for snacks and six barstools to recline on as players contemplate their strategies.

The biggest challenge for me will be the wiring for mounting the TV in the back corner.  We'll see how that goes.

Any other suggestions and/or criticisms are more than welcome


~ Tom T said...

HAve you thought of replacing the closet doors? It might be a pain to mount sliding closet doors, but it might help with acess to the ahose two areas and free up some floor space for you.

Nice work, looking forward to seeing your progress!
~ Tom T

jmilesr said...

Pocket doors are a great idea but the interior wall hides some support columns that I probably shouldn't mess with. I do like your suggestion and may reconfigure the wall to have one set of double doors the open into the closet.


Consul said...

Great blog! Just discovered it.

I notice you use the dipping technique. I'd love to see some more close ups of your work to see how it is on more complex Napoleonic uniforms. I tried dipping with AWI but it doesn't seem to be working very well!

I have however had some great results on my ancients which you find here