Thursday, February 11, 2010

Village Ruins are Table Ready

The 15mm scale village is now ready for the table top.  I will still add some details, but the piece is playable now and I'm pretty happy with it.  I'll be adding some silly details like furniture and a wrecked vehicle.  I have loads of HO scale strip wood which will suffice.  Remember the furniture is ruined so it doesn't need to look that good!  A big thank you to Galpy from the 15mm Paint Shack who sent me some images of vintage axis and allied propaganda posters which will prove very useful.  You can see one of the posters in the upper right of the photo.  Here are some more photo's of different angles and one picture of what the piece looks like with some troops.  As always, your suggestions are most appreciated.


Docsmith said...

Love making scenery too - that's an impressive piece that will look great on the table! Justification if ever you needed it to build a wargaming room with lots of shelving to store it!


Peter said...

Nice work indeed, sir. I was just considering changing over from 1/72 to 15mm for my WW2 gaming and I think you helped me change my mind.


jmilesr said...

Doc: My thinking exactly, if only the wife could see the genius of our logic!

Peter: I find that 15mm is more playable due to the penetration of Flames of War - having people to play with is the biggest factor for me when I choose a period /scale

JAM said...

Very nice piece, I do like the vintage poster.


Stryker said...

An excellent model - very impressive!


christot said...

A handsome piece...must be satisfying to see it finished. Now we just need some shots of it populated! can't wait for the action pictures