Friday, February 25, 2011

I May Never Get My Game Room Back!

Big news on the robotics front - my son's team has been invited to compete in the World Championship tournament, which will be held in St Louis April 27-30th.  This invitation is a pretty big deal and the team is very excited.

Of course it also means that the old gaming room will remain a robotic's room for a few more months.  I'll get some painting in but rather limited on the game hosting front.  I think that's a small price to pay!


John said...

Congrats on the invite. A Jr. team has just been formed in my area and my 9 year old daughter is on the team. They will be going to competition tomorrow at UMBC (U of MD) to watch an older team compete.

jmilesr said...

Congrats to your daughter for participating - FIRST is a really good organization. Our team was going to be demonstrating the bot, but it's down for repairs to the drive system and we will not be ready by tomorrow.

Have a great time at UMBC!

pp said...

Congratz on the lad's team getting the invite, bad luck on losing your gaming dungeon. Just think, by the time the robotics business is done you will be taking him out sailing, lol good luck getting some painting done. At least it will give warlords games some time to manufacture more romans for the rest of us. :P