Monday, February 21, 2011

Roman Calvary Finished and a Review of the Legion

 The second unit of Roman Auxiliary Cavalry is finished and based.  I'm happy with how these figures came out, although my free-hand painting skills for the banner are somewhat simplistic!  All of the figures are metals from Warlord Games and they were good to paint up.  I still prefer plastic over metal but that's just me.
Here is a close up of the calvary command and you can see the somewhat sketchy free hand work on the banner but it will work.  I'm not sure if any Roman calvary wore yellow - I used the color to ensure the unit stands out on the table top to make playing a game a bit easier.  The shield transfers are from Little Big Man Studios and I had a bit of a challenge getting them to fit the shields.  While the packaging stated they were for Warlord Auxiliaries the shield was too small for the transfer.  They look OK and I'll likely go back and touch up a few in the next few days.

 Here's my Legion as it stands now, 3 cohorts of Legionnaires, 2 Aux Infantry, 2 Aux Calvary and an Artillery Unit plus 2 commanders.  The vast majority of the figures are from Warlord and I really like the EIR product line.  Sorry about the background but my war games table is being used by my son's robotics team right now.

 The center is the heart of the Legion and boasts 3 Cohorts of Legionnaires (the center and right side Warlord plastics painted by me).  The Scorpions and Ballista and command figures are also from Warlord.  I know, I know, I still need to scenic the bases....
I have enough plastic figures to build 3 more 24 man cohorts (2 regular, 1 Praetorian).  Overtime my goal is to have 10 24 man cohorts - now that's a legion!

 The right flank consists of a unit of Warlord plastic Auxiliaries painted by me and a unit of Auxiliary Calvary that I purchased at Fall-In from Pictors Studio.  I think the figures are from Wargames Factory.

 The left flank has a similar make-up as the right - one unit of Auxiliary Calvary (the newly finished ones) and a unit of the famous Roman "Ghost Marines".  Yup, you heard me, Ghost Marines - hey it's my army.
 OK so maybe they're just primed and awaiting painting.  The figures are the new Warlord metal Roman Marines and they are fantastic figures.  I especially like the metal spears that they come with but let me warn you those spears are sharp!
The last picture shows the marines from the rear wear you can get a better picture of their cloaks.  I'm looking forward to painting these guys up.  I'm not sure if Warlord makes a command pack for these guys so I just added a brass rod for a standard and will paint up another figure to be the commander.


The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice, I like them a lot.

Ray Rousell said...

Nicley done! Thank god for LBMS, they've saved me a lot a hassel!

DeanM said...

Nice cavalry and army in the making. Very ambitious project! That'll be one potent army. Who will be the opponents? Some Celts/Gauls I maybe? Regards, Dean

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the nice comments

I've really enjoyed painting the Romans - as for an opponent I was thinking of Guals or Dacians or Parthians - decisions, decisions

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look very nice,


Beccas said...

Looks fantastic so far.

Unknown said...

Wow Miles thats an awesome army your getting together, I hope WarLords can keep up.

I had a 15mm (still got it somewhere) Dacian army and they certainly gave a reasonable fight. I wasnt particularly into the period but being part of the group I had to pull my weight so was given the Dacians to build, they were right lil sods, reminded me of european samurai with their big rhomphia (?) thingy.


john de terre neuve said...

Very nice Miles, I try not to look at your site as I do not want to be tempted into another era, those ghosts marines do look the business though, I could do a great job on those cloaks!