Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roman Marines: First Stand

 Here's a few pictures of the first 6 of 24 Roman Marine Auxiliaries for my Roman Army.  The figures are metals from Warlord Games.  The painting is simple block painting followed up by three GW washes - ashurmen blue for the cape and shield front, ogryn flesh for the exposed skin, and gryphonne sepia for everything else.

 I like the overall look and the darkish blues of the capes will make the unit standout a bit more on the tabletop.  These figures are metal and sold in lots of 8, so putting together a unit isn't that expensive.

I'm going to wait a few days to see how the colors hold after drying before sealing with a matt finish (army painter brand).

I also managed to get in a very quick play test of "Hail Caesar" this morning using 5 units of Romans vs some Guals.  No pictures as the Gallic army was just cardboard cut out to the proper unit sizes.  It was an ambush scenario and lets just say when caught out of formation Romans just aren't as formidable an opponent.  The game is great fun.


Der Tsstler said...

cool miniatures and nice painting indeed the blue could be more light tukis...


DeanM said...

Nice work and I like the poses & sculpting. The cloaks look good on them too. Dean

Curt said...

Those look very nice (especially arrayed in their ranks)! If you wanted to punch up the colours a bit you could use your original block tones and highlight the knuckles, bridge of the nose cheekbones and edges of the cloaks.

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on 'Hail Caesar'.