Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aliens Invade Potterville, PA!

 Ernie put on a fantastic 28mm Alien Invasion game tonight that had the real feel of XCOM in miniature.  The table was amazing and the game pitted local cops, the DEA, the US army, a mysterious government agency and local criminals against Aliens who had crash landed and were awaiting rescue.  Oh yeah, the Aliens had all sorts of crazy weapons including a virus gun that would turn humans into Zombies.  In other words the game was a blast.  I just post a few pictures as Ernie will be doing one of his "Table Fable" posts about the game.

 Here's a picture of the Alien mothership coming in the pick up the stranded crew.

 Another shot showing the table - I loved the trailer park.  Why do strange things always seem to happen near trailer parks?

 I had command of the local police and county SWAT.  Here's a pick of one brave officer returning to the fray after escorting some civilians to safety.  It's a pretty cool picture.

Oh yes, the mother ship had a full interior.  The humans managed to win the game as the guys in the yellow suits cut a hole in the top of the mothership and allowed my county SWAT team to get in and wipe out the Aliens after a few rounds of fighting.  Ernie has amazing game creation talents.


Tomsche69 said...

That looks like an awesome game!

Ben B. said...

That is one atmospheric game table. It would be great for running a modern invasion type scenario as well. I'm jealous!

Curt said...

That is pretty darn cool! I love the 50's style space ship.

Baconfat said...

What a beautiful table, thanks for sharing. I don't approve of the yellow suits cutting holes perfectly good mothership.

deva said...

Awesome game, I wish I knew someone who puts such original tables together. I personally lack both the necessary space and the funds.