Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bolt Action: Japanese Force

 With my Fall-In game now done, it's time to start on a new "Smaller" projects before embarking on another big convention game event.  I got to play an introductory game of Bolt Action at Fall-In and really liked the game.  I've had a small batch of 28mm Japanese sitting around for over 4 years so it was high time to get something started.  There are 17 assorted infantry men, a medium machine gun, and officer and a tank.  I'll augment that force as time permits.  Just for fun I also built a 28mm Stuart tank and the Baggage set for Saga.

Here's a close up of the of the 2 tanks.  The Japanese tank is a Type-97 Chi-Ha and both kits are from Company B.  Since there isn't a Japanese force list our for Bolt Action, I'm using the British list as a start and just kind of winging it from there.  There is a post on the WWPD forum about special rules for the Japanese which is a good start for now.

I picked the Japanese just to get a break from the standard Germans and it creates the opportunity to build some Jungle Terrain which will be both challenging and fun.  I'll probably add a few more infantry squads, a mortar and perhaps some light artillery.


The Angry Lurker said...

I've always liked a Japanese force, good luck with it sir.

Anonymous said...

A lovely start to your Japanese collection.

A medium mortar will be handy. After my first Bolt Action games you need mortars. The 50 mm mortar will be handy too. Lon has released the Japanese 81 mm mortar. Just ask him as it doesn't appear in the store.

As Bruce Meyer of Company B for an aerial for the Chi-Ha. One has been made for this tank. I should know I've two of them.

More Japanese in the pipe-line from Company B.

The stuart was used by the Japanese in the Fall of the Phillipines and in Burma. So it's a very handy afv to have.

Good luck with your project.