Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Progress on the Japanese Platoon for Bolt Action

 A bit of progress on my Japanese platoon for Bolt Action.  Two "test" figures are done and the basic painting for the tanks is complete.  I need to add a camp pattern for the Type 97 tank and decals are on order.

 The is some finishing work still to be done on the infantry test figs, but overall I'm happy with the outcome.

Argghhh - I can see some white spots on the Type 97 that need to be touched up!

Here's the other side of the figures.  These should be fairly easy figures to paint up and the force will be ready for the tabletop in 2 to three weeks.


Green stuff and Alioop said...

Lookingn good.
What will you do for terrain?


Beccas said...

I am really liking the khaki choice for your japanese. Looks great.

John said...

Good progress Miles. I'm on a WWII kick after catching up on HBO's "The Pacific". Do you have any particular battles in mind for these?