Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall-In: Report one of two, Lundy's Lane AAR

 I just got back from Fall-In and I had a great time.  Fall-In is the smallest of the three HMGS cons and it's a fun show to attend.  I'll also say that the Host hotel actually did a great job this time (I have been a big critic of the Host in the past but they have really improved themselves over my past experiences).

My first con report deals with the Lundy's Lane game I ran on Friday.  All-in-all I would say it really well and the players seem to have fun.  The first picture shows the initial set up with the British on the left and US on the right.

 The battle started with the US surprising the British on the hill and you can see the middle US Brigade opening it's attack on the Hill.  As in the real battle the hill changed hands a few times during the game.  The artillery unit also changed has 4 times before finally being destroyed by getting pushed of the cliff by the retreating British.

 The American attack strikes home and destroys the defending British battalion - don't worry more are on the way.

 A view of the battle about midway through the game.  Heavy fighting for the hill and lots of maneuvering on the flanks.

 The Indian allies of the British finally show up to support their left flank, unfortunately the US Dragoons saw them off with a well timed charge.

 The British have organized their third counter attack for the hill and begin to grind down the remnants of the 1st US brigade.

 More maneuvering on the left flank - the US kept falling back rather than engage with the British.  It was a sound strategy but a little frustrating for the gentlemen commanding the British left flank as he didn't get to do a lot of fighting.

The status of the Hill at the end of the game - The US are holding on by their finger tips.  Had the game gone on for one more turn, the Brits would have taken the hill and won despite their heavy losses.  Overall, the game ended in a minor US victory but it was very, very close.

Last shot of the game - the British right flank saw a good bit of fighting but neither side could gain an advantage.

This was my third convention game as a "GM" and it was a lot of fun.  One of the positives of doing these games is it sets a very firm and immovable dues date to get projects done!  I really do enjoy hosting these games but I will take a break and not do one for cold wars - I think I'll just be a "civilian" for that one.

Running the game was pretty much all I did on Friday.  I did get to go to dinner with Ernie and his merry men from AofW and we returned to run some demos of fanticide - but more on the the next post..

I do want to thank Mike M. for helping me co-GM the game and Ernie over at Architects of War for both loaning my some terrain and his great house Napoleonic rules.  Hopefully I didn't screw up the rules too much!


scotty said...

A great looking game. Nice to see a battle hang in the balance up to the last turn

Juan Mancheño said...

Very interesting AAR. I like a lot the terrain and figures, and the rules appears to work very well.

Ben B. said...

I actually got to see it! It's a very nice table, I'm sure it was a good game. I didn't get to stay long and you were busy running it but looked in control. Good job overall.

Ray Rousell said...