Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ACW Photo Dump: Historicon Forces

 Outside of a few flags and a few more dismounted calvary figs for both sides the Union and Confederate forces I need for the two games Mike and I will be putting on at Historicon (F-295 and S-296) are ready.  With six or so weeks to go this is a rare "early completion" for me.  These forces will be supplemented by some more form both Mikes and Ernies collection so the saturday game will be very big.  The first shot shows the Confederate forces: 10 infantry regiments, 4 artillery batteries, 2 calvary regiments and command.  The collection is made up entirely of 28mm Perry figures.

 The Confederate calvary - I'll borrow some more dismounted figs from Ernie for the game.

 Some Artillery and command figures.  I use base size to denote rank for command figures.  The smaller ones (in the back) are brigade level and the larger squares are divisional commanders.  Corps commanders (not pictured) will be on large circular bases.

 4 regiments of confederate infantry.

 5 more regiments of Confederate Infantry.

 And last, but not least the 10th regiment of Confederate Infantry - The Louisiana Tigers!  My games will be set in 1863 and I have no idea if the Tigers still wore the gaudy Zouave uniforms and I don't care - they look cool and that's good enough for me!

 The last 2 Confederate artillery batteries

 To oppose the Confederates is a similarly sized Union force.
 The first 5 Infantry regiments (flags have yet to be attached)

 The second five infantry regiments outfitted as the NY Irish Brigade.

5 Batteries of Union artillery.  The gun on the left looks really big.  I wonder what's it's doing there?

2 Regiments of Union calvary.  Like the confederates, I need to borrow some dismounted figures from Ernie's collection.


Mark Rabuck said...

I'm signed up to play in one of your Historicon games, and it will be a pleasure to fight with such dandy-looking figures.

I did some research on the Tigers last year, and it seems like their colorful uniforms did not last long past Bull Run. However, I will defend to the death any gamer's impulse to field some colorful troops on the table. My own Tigers will wear their mattress-ticking trousers to Appomattox if need be!

jmilesr said...

Thanks for signing up! Which game are you in and do you have a preference to side / role?

We'll be playing these games with fun being the primary objective.

See you in July

Mark Rabuck said...

I signed up for the "Prelude to Vicksburg" on Saturday afternoon. Black Poweder games are always a hoot, and I really have no preference for which side I play. Looking forward to meeting you and playing with your toys!