Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Sculpture

One of my neighbors like to do big sculptures for different holidays.  When I say big, I mean life sized but this year's Memorial Day tribute is pretty darn big as it includes (from right to left) an M1 Tank, a Huey Chopper (Gunship or "Hog" configuration), a civil war Napoleon cannon and a Nuclear Submarine surfacing.  I especially like how the sub's tail is smashing through his fence.

There's a bunch a soldier statures to round out the whole thing - Pretty damn impressive.  Some of his other stunts can be found is some older posts:

Christmas 2011 (My favorite - where the hell do you find a F-105?)

July 4th 2012

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James Brewerton said...

impressive the display and the fact he has a garden big enough.
Peace James