Monday, May 20, 2013

Historicon Games F-295 and S-296

The Historicon PEL is up and the two games that Mike and I will be putting on for Architects of War are listed as F-295 (Friday at 6:00pm) "Sink the Tennessee" and S-296 (Saturday at 1:00pm) "Prelude to Vicksburg"

The first game F-295 is a ACW skirmish game using the new "Uncivil War" ruleset and will be based on a Union calvary and amphibious raid to sink a confederate ironclad.  Oh yes the game will feature a 28mm scale model of the CSS Tennessee, complete with interior to fight over!

The second game on Saturday (S-296) will be a large ACW battle using 28mm figures and the Black Powder ruleset.  You may have seen some posts of me painting some Rebs and Yanks for that game on this site.  The battle will be directly influenced by the results of the raid game on Friday night. I wonder if that mean old ironclad will make an appearance?.....

Take a look and register - the games will be fun and there'll be beer!

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