Sunday, May 12, 2013

All Quiet On the Martian Front Preview

 Yesterday afternoon I got to spend sometime previewing the new game "All Quiet on the Martian Front" (AQMF) with Ernie over at the Alien Dungeon HQ.  Alien Dungeon is the sister company of Architects of War and is focused on Fantasy and Sci-Fi products.  The theme of AQMF is the Martians have returned and in greater numbers in 1910 and the world fights back with pre-WW1 weapons PLUS some things that have been reverse engineered from the previous invasion.  The game is available now via Kickstarter: AQMF Kickstarter.  The first picture shows a column of US Mark II tanks rumbling past their trench lines to engage the dreaded invaders.

 Here's a closer shot of the Mark II tanks.  These are resin models and have A LOT of customization options.  The game scale is 15mm but some of the vehicles are very large (bigger than 28mm Tiger tanks!

 A close up of one of the Martian Assault tripods, which are the mainstay of there forces.  They can be armed with a heat ray, green gas and a black dust dispensers.  The Martians are a rather nasty lost but a hoot to play.  Other Martian units consist of scout, grenadier and harvester tripods, drones and human cadaver slaves (a form of infantry used to dig human infantry out of trenches and buildings).  The tripods will be available as plastic kits which is one of the reasons for the kickstarter to raise capital for the tooling.

 This picture features two of my favorite US units the Mark IV Monitor tank (center) and the Tesla Lighting Gun (middle right).  The Mark IV is a beast of a model and is much bigger than a Tiger 1 in 28mm.

We did play a few turns yesterday to refine another favorite unit of mine - the "clamp" tank.  The clamp tank is a single purpose vehicle that's engineered to rush out and clamp onto the leg of a tripod and immobilize it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....but in either case it's a lot of fun.

I'm really excited about this game and the miniatures.  The game play is very well thought out and, well, just plain fun.  Ernie will be revealing more about it during the Kickstarter so I can't really go into details here.  All I can say is you should get this game 'cause it's a blast!  Please go check out the AQMF kickstarter!

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DeanM said...

Amazing looking terrain and models! Sounds like a great scenario. Best, Dean