Thursday, January 9, 2014

Analogue Hobbies Challenge Update #4

I've made 2 more Challenge submissions, which have brought my cumulative score to 625 points out of a target of 1,500 so I'm in track, for now.
The first submission is of a "Norse Troll" I'm planning to use in the SAGA game.

 The model is from GW's Lord of the Ring line and, say what you will about some of GW policies, they do make nice models.  I also added one of the casualty figures form the Conquest Games Norman Knights box along with a Little Big Man shield transfer.

 I've been working on a battle board that will make out friend here the equivalent of a 4 point army.  He'll get four order dice and the board will have the order options organized by Movement / Stomping, Arms (attack with hammer / defense with shield) and Head (roar / biting / thinking).  It will take some play testing but hopefully will be fun.  As the monster takes hits it will loose dice

 Here's a shot for scale purposes going up against some 28mm Vikings.

 The next submission is yet another 24 figure Confederate Infantry regiment using the fantastic 28mm plastic Perry Confederates.  This unit is the 4th Texas, which now brings me to 3 out of r infantry regiments completed for Hood's Brigade.

No doubt you've seen a lot of these Perry plastic confederates on this blog as this latest regiment brings the total number up to 12 completed regiments - thats 288 of the blighters that I've painted!  I still really enjoy painting these guys which is a testament to the quality of the Perry's models.

Next up will be the Arkansas regiment from Hood's Brigade and the the Georgians!\

After that perhaps a break from the ACW is in order!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love the Troll!

Lee Hadley said...

The Troll is excellent and I like the extra work you put into the base. But I love the ACW Texans. Very nice work indeed.

Monty said...

Both paintjob look very good too me. Although I like the troll even more those Texans look excellent as well.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Great work on the Troll! The Texans are very nice too.

Hetairoi Wargames said...

Norse troll! Interesting... :-)

Scott Bowman said...

Would love to see the troll making a mess of those guys! "Hah , puny saxons - no darn wizard there to immobilise me!" - in trollish ;-)

Secundus said...

love the troll!

DeanM said...

Impressive work all around, Miles. Agree about GW sculpts - I've even paid full price for some! Best, Dean