Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Shaky" Workbench Photo

Just a short update on some projects for the Analogue Hobbies Challenge.  In the Upper center are 12 Templar Knights.  These are 28mm figures from the Fireforge Miniatures box set.  I must say they have been a lot of fun to both assemble and paint.  I'm waiting for some Templar transfer to show up in the mail to finish up this unit.

I'm thinking about my next historical period being the Crusades and these models seems like a good place to start.

Also pictures are some armed Mexican peasants. I got these models from Ernie's stash and I think their Foundry castings.  They have a lot of flavor and should be fun to paint up

Not pictures are some French Napoleonic command stands (28mm Perry metals) - two Brigade commanders (single mounted figures) and a Division command (two mounted figures on a single stand.

As I may have mentioned before, one of the great things of the Analogue Hobbies Challenge is it really forces one to reduce the bulk of the lead pile, which is never a bad thing.

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Phyllion said...

Never a bad thing and gives an excuse to fill the pile out a bit again afterwards!